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2008-2009, our 85th Anniversary Year

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The SFA Story Home Page

The Presidential Welcomes in 1923 and 2008
The Governance of SFA: Boards of Regents and Presidents
Historical Markers
The Campus: from abstract to aerial views
Nacogdoches, the Home of SFA
The Heritage Series : Chronological History of the University
Why History Matters to SFA
An Introduction: The Search for a New University
The Important Year of 1917
The Years of Uncertainty
SFA Opens on Washington Square
SFA Moves to the New Campus
The College Expands
Collegiate Life Developes
The Crisis of the Depression and the Threat of Closing
Celebrations at SFA in the 1930s
The Coming of World War II and Changes
The Presidency of Paul Boynton: War and Post-War Changes
The 1950s: Second Half of the Boynton Era
The Early Steen Years (1958-1968)
The Later Steen Years (1969-1976)
The Johnson Years (1976-1990)
The 1990s
The 75th Anniversary: Reflection and Planning
The Challenges of the New Century
The Buildings of SFA
The President's Home
The Austin Building
Aikman Gym, The Shack, Washington Square
The Rusk Building
The Buildings of the WPA: Wisley, Gibbs, The Science Building
The Temporary Buildings After World War II
The Boynton Buildings: Shelton Gym, Griffith Fine Arts, The Boynton Library, Birdwell
The Steen Buildings: Phase I and Phase II
The iMuseum
Miscellaneous Subjects
The SFA Story by Decades
The SFA Ex-Students and Alumni Association

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